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Online Prescriptions

The Right Prescription for Health Care

As health care professionals, our goal is always to provide the best care possible for patients. However, the day-to-day processes we use may not benefit patients as much as they could. At The Lowell Group, LTD. we provide health care strategies that result in patient care enhancement. We will also review the health services you provide and the equipment you use and, if necessary, connect you with our affiliates and partners for updates.

Operational Consulting

We have found that long-term care and behavioral health facilities greatly benefit from operational health care,tele medicine,disaster preparedness. Finances and medical equipment are just a few of the areas we evaluate. By examining the operation of the facilities, we can determine inefficiencies and provide solutions for them.

Based on our findings, we may recommend revamping procedures, making acquisitions, building new facilities, and developing current programs and services. To improve overall patient health, we develop wellness programs for organizations. Rely on us to project your future needs and assist you in managing them.  We work as a tentacle of resources for:

Nursing Homes Adult Homes  Article 28 Facilities Diagnostic & Treatment Centers
•Assisted Living Facilities •Homecare

Closing the Gap in Care

Telehealth is a substantial growth sector in the industry. The Lowell Group, LTD. works with telehealth and telemedicine practitioners to provide efficient remote patient care. Through your affiliation with a telehealth company, you can work with the prescriptions from any location. There are different levels of telehealth, depending on the needs of the industry and assessments.